The Killjoy Collective - Single

by Cameron McCurdy

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released June 12, 2016

Cameron McCurdy: Everything



all rights reserved


Cameron McCurdy Auckland, New Zealand

Music dude from NZ

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Track Name: The Killjoy Collective
Time spins as you sit, your mind pirouettes
Surround sound echoes down your chest
Call and response of the heart, keeping time for your lungs
Beating the drum, so your brain can wander
A well oiled machine, caught up in living a dream
Cold air rattles through your frame as you get undressed
Leap from the earth to the stream, cold water wakes from your dream
Come find me swimming alone and ponder

Of a pipe dream metaphor lost in TV tropes
Or a character you identify with on that show you watch when you're alone
A friendly face, not a phone
Disembodied voices, the picture-tone
A friendly face not a phone

As you lean forward to kiss their lips
You question whether or not they'll pull away
Just some small confirmation of reciprocation
Would be quite nice, then you could seize the day
Here comes that sinking feeling
Here comes being all alone
Curl up inside your blanket
Watch movies on your phone
Soliloquy is haunting
Inhibition is gone
Come find me swimming alone and join me

Staring around your room and all that you can see
Is seconds in between moments, between you and me
Intonation it reveals everything, conveys what they really feel
So when you stare into my eyes, reach into my soul and steal
My deepest darkest secrets, everything that I desire
I want to sing on a stage
I want my life to set fire to everything I've ever loved
Keep me guessing down the path...
I want to never know what's coming
Be it love or death or anything in between
I'll never know where I'm going until I get there
Who am I?
Track Name: 80s Movie [Demo]
I don't know where we're headed
I think we're running out of time
It's like we're in an 80s movie

There's seven minutes left
They haven't found an ending yet
Let's just pair them off

The camerawork is stagnant, the metaphors they bring me down
I wish they had a bigger budget so they could fool around
So just shut up and kiss me, we'll leave redemption to the monks
Oh I can't help but be excited for when the credits roll
An old song there will be, and we can sing along oh
"Don't you forget about me"